Advanced Action Improvements

We have updated some of the advanced action options at our tables.


When you select the Check/Fold option (Check/Quick Fold at Rush Poker* tables) and the action is checked to you, your hand will be checked as normal. However, now the Check/Fold option will stay activated, and if someone makes a bet behind you, instead of having to re-click the Fold button, your hand will be folded when it is your turn to act (or Quick Folded at toto hk Poker* tables) without further action.


You will also find a new “All-in” Advanced Action checkbox when you play our Super Turbo games.


Preferred Seat Selection

You can select your preferred seat at different types of tables with our new Preferred Seat tab under Table Options in the Options dialog. Choose where you prefer to be seated at Full Ring, 6-Max and Heads-Up tables, or select Auto Center to always be placed in the center seat.


Preferred Seat Selection


Tournament Lobby Improvements

When players are knocked out of a tournament, the amount of prize money they have won (if any) will now be shown in the Chips column.


When you open the lobby of a Multi-Entry Tournament using the Find a Player feature, the player’s best current entry will now be highlighted in the tournament lobby.


Hand History Improvements

You can now delete hands in the Hand Replayer Console by right-clicking on any hand and selecting the delete option. You can also delete individual ring game tables or tournaments in the same manner.


To delete multiple hands, press the Control key (Command on Mac) and click on each of the hands you want to delete. Once you have made all of your selections, right click and select the delete option, and all highlighted hands will be deleted from the Replayer list view. This does not affect the Hand History files saved to your computer.


Hand History files will now also show the pot size on each street of all hands played, while Tournament Summary files will now include the full name of the tournament in the opening line.


Hide Badges

You will no longer see your Player Achievement Badges on your avatar when you choose ‘Do not display badges’ in the Options menu.


Add “Registered/Playing” SNGs to My Upcoming Tournaments Widget

We have made it easier to see how many Sit & Gos you are playing in and registered for by adding the information to the My Upcoming Tournaments widget in the Standard View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby.


My Upcoming Tournaments Widget


Double and Triple Chance Tournaments

Our Double and Triple Chance Tournaments give you extra tournament lives for a single buy-in.


In a Double Chance Tournament you’ll be given one token along with your chips. The token can be exchanged for an additional chip stack equal to the number of starting chips. You can use your token as a second life or to top up your stack at any time before the end of a predetermined level.


Triple Chance Tournaments operate in the same manner, but you are given two tokens at the start of the tournament.


Learn more about Double and Triple Chance Tournaments.


“Play Another” and Heads-Up “Add a Table”

We’ve added some new and quicker ways to open additional tables when you are playing ring games and Sit & Gos.


Click the +Table button at ring game and Sit & Go tables – or press Ctrl+’ (Command+’ on Mac) – and we’ll automatically seat you at a ring game table or Sit & Go of the same type.


Play Another


We’ve also made it easier to add another Heads-Up ring game table or Heads-Up Sit & Go against the same opponent. Once both players have ticked the “Add a Table” checkbox, a new table will be opened automatically.


Add a Table


Ring Game Auto Buy-In

You can get seated at your favorite ring game tables even more quickly when you activate our new “One Click Buy-In for Ring Games” option.


When enabled, you will immediately be seated at a table and bought into the game using your default buy-in preferences when you click on an empty seat or the Take Seat button in the player list widget in the game lobby.


To enable this option, go to the “Options” menu and select Table Options then Buy-In Preferences… Check the box alongside “Activate One Click Buy-Ins for Ring Games”.


Ring Game Auto Buy-In


Auto-Post Blinds and Antes

In order to improve the experience at the tables for all players, blinds and antes will now always be posted automatically in all games. You’ll no longer be asked whether you want to post your blinds automatically or manually.


Instead, you will see a Play Now button when you join a table. Click the button and you will be dealt into the next hand and your big blind or ante will be automatically posted. If you prefer to wait for the big blind to reach your position before you are dealt in, simply wait. When the big blind reaches you, your blind will be posted and you will be dealt into the hand.


Rush Poker* Improvements

You now have the option to “Sit Out Next BB” in Rush Poker* ring games, allowing you to choose to sit out when the big blind reaches you.


You’ll find the “Sit Out Next BB” check box below the “Sit Out Next Hand” option at Rush Poker* ring game tables. The “Sit Out Next BB (All)” option will now affect Rush Poker* ring games as it does all other ring games.


Rush Poker* Improvements


We have also made it easier to add another table while playing any Rush Poker* ring game. Simply click the + Seat button in the upper right hand corner of the table to add another Rush Poker* seat of the same type.


In order to allow Rush Poker* ring games to move faster when there is a small number of players, hands will be now dealt short-handed once the player pool falls below a certain number.


Color Code Players

We’ve made it even easier to assign a color code to a player. Now you can simply right-click on a player at a table and select a color.


Color Code Players


Advanced Filters Improvements

We’ve added the following options to our Advanced Filters to better help you find the games you want to play.


You can now filter by the following options in the Standard View of the game lobby:


Sit & Gos by size

Tournaments by Start Time

Ring games by Minimum Average Pot in multiples of the Big Blind

Tournament Lobby Improvements

Once any tournament has started, you can now see how long it has been running in the tournament lobby.


We have also added a ‘Find Player’ search box to our multi-table tournament lobbies.





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