Forbes says mobile gambling the next big gambling thing

Respected US business magazine Forbes says that online gambling is one of the few Internet endeavours to be successful and that the industry’s next “killer” application is going to be mobile gambling.

Cell phones are becoming better suited to gambling says Forbes. The newest cell phones are essentially mini-PCs, with full operating systems, heavy-duty processor power and high-resolution color screens. Pricey phones, PDAs and phone-PDA combos now offer an expensive but accessible way to get online and use casino games.

“Developers would use an applet–easily downloadable software–to deal a card in blackjack, depositing the graphics on the user’s cell phone and sending a request to the casino’s server for a random card”, says Don C. Harold, vice president of operations for Chartwell Technology, a gaming software company for online casinos based in Calgary, Canada.

Mobile Internet usage is also about to get cheaper, claims the article. Carriers have spent heavily on upgrading their networks to allow high-speed data access over the last few years, and they desperately need consumers to use the data services to pay for the investments.

Software vendors expect wireless Slot Gacor gambling to take off first in sports betting, including horse races and wagering on team matches. Initially, the bets will be made using simple text-based programs or instant messaging, although a gambler’s wish list would include streaming video of live games and races once 3G networks can handle the huge amount of data required.

Lotteries, either government-run or private, are another early candidate for wireless, as are casino games like blackjack, slot machines, craps, and roulette, where the player competes against the house.

The real test is poker, a multiplayer game where speed and simultaneous delivery are critical.


Major Spanish gambling group involved

Preparing to ride the mobile wave, San Diego-based Digital Orchid Inc. has signed an exclusive global agreement with Codere Technology Network LLC, to jointly develop, market and distribute live mobile gambling applications for wireless devices in Latin America and Europe.

With a planned launch in the first half of 2003, the companies will deliver a suite of new mobile gaming applications, including live casino and lottery gaming, Bingo, Roulette, Multi- player Poker, Progressive Slots, Keno and Black Jack, as well as sports betting and horse racing on a variety of wireless ‘phones throughout Latin America, Italy and Spain.

“The team of Codere’s worldwide gambling operational experience and 63 betting and gaming operations in Europe and Latin America with Digital Orchid’s wireless distribution technology is a winning combination,” says Daniel Daou, CEO of Digital Orchid. “Gambling fans will now have the capability they need to be able to participate in their favorite games from wherever they are using their mobile device without having to be in a casino or at a horse race.”

Codere Technology Network is a fully owned subsidiary of Grupo Codere of Spain and is developing the first online sports betting system and interactive lottery and casino games for regulated jurisdictions where the parent company currently has a strong market presence. Grupo Codere is a leading betting and gaming corporation with operations throughout Spain and Latin America. Founded in Spain in 1981, it has expanded operations and geographical presence by establishing leading betting facilities in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile and Venezuela.


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